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    Save the Date Announcement

    Sparkly new dress still in the back of your closet? Need a good dancing fix? Are you waiting for one more amazing event to close off your summer? The Tamil Cultural and Academic Society of Durham has you covered.

    We are proud to announce a date for our highly anticipated annual charity gala, “A Starry Night”! This year’s gala will take place on Saturday, September 24th at Tosca Banquet Hall in Oshawa. We have some dazzling surprises for the evening that you won’t want to miss, and a great cause being supported.

    See the flyer below and mark your calendars now. Details will be announced shortly, but be sure to check our Facebook page, and Instagram for the most up to date details as they become available.

    We’re exciting to share so much more, but for now we’ll let you contemplate your outfit for a beautiful night under the stars.


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    Durham Youth Leadership Program Graduation Ceremony

    Over the past four months, the youth members of TCASD have been participating in the first semester of DYLP which commenced in February and will finish at the end of May. As a completion custom, we will be hosting a graduation ceremony on June 11 to honour their hard work and commitment to the program.

    Come out and see what was taught and learned by our little leaders!!! We will be taking new students for second semester Sept - Nov 2016!


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    TCASD Seniors Gathering 2016


    On Sunday May 29, the Tamil cultural and academic society of Durham held its first Seniors social gathering of 2016. It was organized by the senior wing head, Mrs. Rajesh Muttiah, at the Ontario Power Generation (OPG). The gathering was filled with performances, guest speakers and of course some home prepared delicios snacks. Guest speakers included Dr. Ranjith Mahendranathan, Ms.Bahi Krishnakanthan, Mrs Vana Dineshkumar, and Mr & Mrs Poopalasingam. Dr.Ranjith Mahendranathan, who is a well known chiropractor in Ajax spoke about healthy eating and tips for reducing joint pains. Performances included a bharathanatyam dance piece by Srimathi Anushiya Sandrasegaram's students and Aparana Atputharajah, who serenaded the crowd with her soft precious vocals by singing a classic cinema song, 'Chitu Kuruvi'. Each senior had the pleasure of introducing themselves to the 'senior-seniors' and 'junior-seniors' that attended. The seniors were able to mingle, share some laughs, and reminisce on their days back home. Mr & Mrs Poopalasingam, entertain the audience with songs and poems, which was very interesting and everyone participated and enjoyed the singing. The seniors were also given the opportunity to participate in some yoga exercises conducted by Mrs. Vana Dineshkumar. This allowed them to feel more relaxed and at ease. They were able to learn some useful and easy breathing exercises to help them calm their mind, body and soul. For more upcoming events hosted by the Tamil Cultural and Academic Society of Durham visit or our Facebook page.

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    TCASD Seniors Social Get Together


    To our valued TCASD Members,

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the beginning of another exciting new venture for TCASD! TCASD's seniors wing, headed by Rajesh Muttiah, is proud to announce its first get together of the year. This is an open invitation to all seniors looking to meet new people and engage in some interesting activities. If you know a senior that could use a little more excitement in their life, then participation in this get together and future events is definitely something you will want to mark off on your calendars! Please see below the attached flyer for more details, and feel free to pass along this invitation to all of your loved ones!

    TCASD Seniors Social Get Together
    Date: Sunday, May 29, 2016
    Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    Location: Ontario Power Generation, 1675 Montgomery Park Road, Pickering, ON, L1V 2R5
    Seniors will be able to engage with one another, hear from a guest speaker, participate in fun activities, and so much more!

    For more information, questions, or concerns, please contact us at: (905) 428-9774 or

    Looking forward to seeing all of our active seniors at the upcoming event!

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    TCASD Mother's Day Vigil 2016 Messages

    TCASD Mother's Day Vigil 2016 certificate

    Thank you Hon Tracy MacCharles, MPP (Pickering—Scarborough East)

    Current Parliamentary Roles: Minister of Children and Youth Services ; Minister Responsible for Women's Issues, who was honoring TCASD Mother's Day Peace Vigil with her presence and certificate with a great message as follows:

    'Today's event is dedicated to those who have experienced health challenges, violence, poverty and loss of loved ones. Let us gather to remember, and to embrace the strong message of peace and unity within our community'.


    TCASD Mother's Day Vigil 2016 certificate 2

    Thank you Hon Joe Dickson, MPP - Ajax-Pickering, who was honoring TCASD Mother's Day Peace Vigil with his presence and certificate with a great message as follows: 'This event shows us how people from our community can unite and work together, to send a strong message of Unity and Peace'.

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    Click here to download the application form.


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    TCASD Mother's Day Peace Vigil 2016

    TCASD Mother's Day vigil 2016

    The TCASD team believes that when we gather together, we can send a strong message of unity and peace amongst the community. This will give the community an opportunity to express together our commitment to continue to work for peace and harmony.

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    TCASD Election 2016


    TCASD Election Invitation

    TCASD Nomination Form

    TCASD Basic Election Rules


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    Durham Youth Leadership Program 2016


    * Dr. S. Srithar, Chair
    * Mr. Thiru, President
    * Mr. Karrtic, Director of Operations
    * Miss. Bruntha, Director of Communications
    * Miss. Abira, Director of Administrations


    Durham Youth Leadership Program, which has an impeccable vision and foresight into how to shape your children as a visionary leader for the long haul.

    It is very important to address the current events in the world. We are overwhelmed by the enormity and complexity of the many challenges facing the world today. Problems/challenges such as environmental destruction, health crisis, terrorism, poverty, economic uncertainty, and social inequality demand the attention of every member of our global community. As a Tamil we can be the leaders, because most of us may have been through most of these events. We can make the change we wish to see in the world.

    Durham Youth Leadership Program for the kids - age group 10 up to 15.

    • Exploration in the all above-mentioned subject
    • Group discussion, workshop and presentation
    • Personal Growth and Team Work

    We believe that informed and engaged kids can make a positive difference in the world; thus our mission is to help kids develop and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with effective and socially responsible leadership that will benefit the world. In the end of the program, we shall be taking a week field trip to a third world country. We are confident that upon completion of this program the children shall be capable of handling any situation in their life.

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    Tamil Heritage Month Gallery, Videos and Article for Monsoon

    View the Gallery

    Flag Raising Video [WATCH]

    Tom Thiru on Flag Raising Ceremony [WATCH]

    The purpose of Tamil Heritage Month Cultural Festival is to educate not only the Tamil population, but the general public, children and youth about our native geographic location, societal values, religion, culture, and tradition. By hosting this event and inviting the Tamils living throughout the Durham region, as well as ministers of parliament from all four cities, councillors, mayors, and their staff to this event, we hope to further educate the citizens of Durham on our beautiful Tamil heritage.

    This is an excellent opportunity for the Tamil Cultural and Academic Society of Durham to promote their organization, mingle with Tamil citizens new to the area, connect and network with other Tamil Associations and businesses. In the process, TCASD hopes to create respect, mutual understanding, and beneficial relationships with many Tamils as well as with those who live in the Durham community.

    It is our hope to create an opportunity for Durham Tamils to come together and celebrate the Tamil culture with the people of Durham. We, who resides in Durham must bear in mind that these initiatives are aimed at promoting cultural understanding in our society as it is essential for a community to be aware of surrounding cultures and traditions.

    Tamils have a great tradition of heritage and culture that developed over 2,000 years ago and still continues to flourish today. We must bring our beautiful history into the limelight and continue to promote and preserve the Tamil heritage.

    Every year Tamil Heritage month committee chooses a topic in which we focus on. This year Tamil Heritage month committee decided to focus on the famous Tamil poet and author, Thiruvalluvar. His work is well known throughout the Tamil community and in many countries across the world. One of his most famous contributions to Tamil literature is the Thirukkural; known as the “Scared Couplets” It can be considered a guide for human morals and the betterment of life.

    There are three sections in the Thirukkural. The first section, Aram, states good ethical behaviours expected by everyone. The second section, Porul, discusses the right manner in which the government and society should behave. The final section, Kaamam, explains the love between men, women and all. In total, the Thirukkural contains 1330 couplets, which are broken down into many chapters.

    TCASD celebrated the 3rd Annual Tamil Heritage month celebration at Pickering Town Centre on 30th of January 2016. There were many interesting cultural programs, competitions, speeches and few of the community individuals were honored for their outstanding service and continuous contribution to the community.

    The beauty of the Thirukkural can be translated into many other languages and can be relatable to all. Below are the few lines from the Thirukkural to show you how graceful and hypnotic they are:

    - Loveless people hold everything to themselves.
    - Those, who are filled with love, bear even their bones for others.
    - Like life is linked to the flesh,
    - Love is integral to life.
    - Love yields affection for all,
    - Which leads to invaluable friendships.

    by Lavanya Pathmanathan-TCASD Youth

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